Molecular Dynamics Simulations

strongly correlated weakly degenerate one-component plasma

Langmuir (optical) plasmon dispersion of correlated electrons

The dashed line is what standard linearized Vlasov theory (RPA) predicts

Figures show the plasmon dispersion for varying strength of the coupling parameter, Gamma=mean Coulomb energy/kinetic energy.

1. Weakly correlated plasma:

2. Intermediate correlation strength:

3. Strong correlations:

Plasmon frequency in units of the optical plasma frequency vs. wave number in units of the mean interparticle distance

Damping of Langmuir waves of correlated electrons

lowest curve is the prediction of linearized Vlasov theory

Simulation results by Vova Golubnichiy, 2000. For details, see our recent publication

For a brief explanation of the principles of the simulations, click here
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