Progress in Nonequilibrium Green's Functions III

Interdisciplinary Workshop

22 - 26 August 2005, University Kiel, Germany


The dynamics of quantum many-particle systems is of growing importance in many fields, including condensed matter, plasmas, quantum transport, high energies, quantum chemistry etc. At the same time selfconsistent equilibrium results for correlated electron systems are becoming of increasing relevance. This workshop is devoted to the most general approach to these problems – theory and modern applications of nonequilibrium Green’s functions. It will unite specialists and students from various fields of physics for an informal exchange. It continues the tradition of the first two meetings held in 1999 in Rostock and 2002 in Dresden, Germany and which resulted in excellent review books.


  • Electronic correlations in condensed matter systems.
  • Collective effects. Quasiparticles. Bound states. Bose condensation.
  • Charged particles and photons. QED. Many-body effects in plasmas.
  • High energy. Particles. QCD. Cosmology.
  • Strong fields. Quantum transport.
  • Combination of NGF methods with other approaches.

Invited Speakers

Speakers include: Carl-Olof Almbladh (Lund), Gordon Baym* (Illinois), Jürgen Berges (Heidelberg), Michael Bonitz (Kiel), Pjotr Bozek (Krakow), Holger Fehske (Univ Greifswald), Dave Ferry (Arizona State Univ), Jim Freericks (Georgetown Univ), Hartmut Haug (Frankfurt), Norman Horing (Stevens Tech), Frank Jahnke (Univ Bremen), Antti Jauho (Lyngby), Leonid Keldysh* (Lebedev Inst Moscow), Jörn Knoll (GSI Darmstadt), Dietrich Kremp (Rostock), Alexander Lichtenstein (Univ Hamburg), Yuri Lozovik (IOS Troitsk), Paul C. Martin* (Harvard Univ), Achim Schwenk (Indiana Univ), Robert van Leeuwen (Groningen), Roland Zimmermann (Humboldt Univ Berlin)
*to be confirmed

Program Committee:

A. Abrikosov (Argonne), J. Barker (Glasgow), G. Baym (Illinois), P. Danielewicz (Michigan), D. Ferry (ASU), H. Haug (Frankfurt), A.P. Jauho (Lyngby), L.V. Keldysh (Moscow), J. Knoll (GSI Darmstadt), D. Kremp (Rostock), P.C. Martin (Harvard), M. Bonitz (Kiel)

Local Organization and Program committee:

Michael Bonitz, Dirk Semkat, Doris Schulz

Abstract Deadline:

Deadline for 1-paper abstract (extended): May 1 2005