The second workshop

"Solving the Two-time Kadanoff-Baym Equations.
Status and Open Problems"

held 12th - 13th October, 2011 in Kiel, Germany
Physikzentrum - Leibnizstrasse 15


During the successful interdisciplinary workshop "Progress Nonequilibrium Greens Functions IV" held 17th - 21st August 2009 in Glasgow (Scotland, UK) it became clear that more and more groups are starting or continuing to solve the two-time Kadanoff-Baym equations. Therefore, in March 2010 an informal workshop was held to discuss and exchange the experience in the numerics. In particular, the focus was on topics that are not yet under control. Continuing this tradition we now organize a second meeting.

Speakers included

Karsten Balzer, University of Kiel, Germany | Abstract | Talk
Brent W. Barker, NSCL, Michigan State University, USA | Abstract | Talk
Matthias Garny, Technical University of Munich / DESY, Germany | Abstract | Talk
Thomas Gasenzer, University of Heidelberg, Germany | Abstract | Talk
Sebastian Hermanns, University of Kiel, Germany | Abstract | Talk
Frank Michler, University of Frankfurt, Germany | Abstract | Talk
Arnau Rios Huguet, University of Surrey, UK | Abstract | Talk
Denes Sexty, University Heidelberg, Germany | Abstract | Talk
Vaclav Spicka, Acad. Sci. CR Prague, Czech Republic | Abstract | Talk
Robert van Leeuwen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland | Abstract | Talk


For topics, see program.


Arrival and get together: Evening of October 11
Start of lectures: Morning of October 12
End of program and departure: October 13, noon

KBE 2010

For information on the first workshop see here.

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