December 2019
From left: Hanno Kählert, Michael Bonitz, Patrick Ludwig, Sönke Heese, Erik Schröter, Jan-Philip Joost, Christopher Makeit, Niclas Schlünzen,
Not pictured: Paul Hamann, Kai Hunger, Linda Kordts, Maximilian Rasmussen, Sebastian Scheufele, Alexey Filinov, Shen Zhang

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Members and Research Topics

  • Torge Appel (Master student)
    MD simulation of electroporation of lipid membranes
  • Alexei Filinov (Priv.-Doz., Wiss. Mitarbeiter)
    Alexei Filinov
    Correlated classical and quantum plasmas; theory of effective quantum potentials; excitonic bound states in quantum confined semiconductors with disorder; first-principle computer simulations: path integral Monte Carlo, kinetic Monte Carlo, Quantum molecular dynamics, Habilitation 2009
  • Felix Frohnert (Bachelor student)
    CPIMC simulations of degenerate fermions
  • Paul Hamann (Bachelor student)
    Reconstruction of dynamic properties from quantum Monte Carlo simulations
  • Sönke Hese (Master student)
    DFT and Green functions simulations of graphene
  • Kai Hunger (Master student)
    First principle thermodynamic properties of the electron gas at finite temperature
  • Jan-Philip Joost (PhD student)
    Nonequilibrium Green functions, graphene nanoribbons, Wake potential in magnetized plasmas
  • Hanno Kählert (Priv.-Doz., wiss. Mitarbeiter)
    Hanno Kählert
    Theory and First principle simulation of classical charged particles in traps, Computational Physics, PhD 2011
    returned to Kiel from Heine Universität Düsseldorf and Boston College, USA
  • Linda Kordts (Master student)
    Kinetic Monte Carlo and MD simulations of surface processes
  • Patrick Ludwig (formerly postdoc)
    Patrick Ludwig
    Strongly correlated excitons in external electric fields - liquid and crystal behavior, Bose condensation, theory and simulation of dusty plasmas, simulation of warm dense matter
  • Michael Marsand (Master student)
    PIC simulations of low-temperature plasmas
  • Jakob Nazarenus (Bachelor student)
    CPIMC simulations of degenerate fermions
  • Maximilian Rasmussen (Master student)
    First principle simulation of strongly correlated quantum systems
  • Sebastian Scheufele (Master student)
    CPIMC simulations of relativistic electrons
  • Niclas Schlünzen (PhD student)
    Niclas Schlünzen
    Nonequilibrium Green functions simulations for strongly correlated fermions
  • Lasse Wulff (Master student)
    DFT and Green functions simulations of graphene
  • Shen Zhang (postdoc, DAAD stipend)
    DFT simulations of warm dense matter


Es werden ständig Hiwi-Stellen für theoretisch und/oder numerisch Interessierte Studenten (i.a. ab 6. Semester) angeboten. Gegenstand sind kleine wissenschaftliche Projekte, die in vielen Fällen zu einer wissenschaftlichen Veröffentlichung bzw. Besuch von Konferenzen führen. Die notwendigen Grundlagen werden in unseren Praktika bzw. Seminaren vermittelt. Bei komplexen Themen werden Computerprogramme zur Verfügung gestellt.

Aktuelle Themen:

  • Thermodynamische Eigenschaften dichter Quantenplasmen
  • Thermodynamik dichter Wasserstoff-Helium-Plasmen (First principle Pfadintegral-Monte Carlo)
  • weitere Themen, siehe Forschung

Aktuelle Themen für Masterarbeiten

  • Thermodynamik warmer dichter Materie, insbesondere dichter Wasserstoff-Helium-Plasmen (First principle Pfadintegral-Monte Carlo)
  • Entwicklung Fermionischer Pfadintegral-MC-Simulationen mit CPIMC
  • First principle dynamische und spektrale Eigenschaften korrelierter Quantensysteme (PIMC)
  • Computersimulation klassischer korrelierter Plasmen, insbesondere in starken Magnetfeldern
  • Nichtgleichgewichts-Greenfunktions-Beschreibung (NEGF) von Graphene nanoribbons
  • (Sub-)Femtosekundendynamik dichter Quantenplasmen (NEGF)
  • Nichtgleichgewichts-Greenfunktionszugang zur Photoemission in starken Laserfeldern
  • NEGF-Beschreibung der Anregungsdynamik korrelierter Elektronen Festkörpern im Rahmen von Gittermodellen
  • weitere Themen, siehe Forschung

Former Members and Guests (anti-chronologically)

  • Simon Groth (PhD 2018)
    Simon Groth
    Configuration path integral approach to strongly correlated fermions, ab initio simulation of the uniform electron gas at finite temperature
    Moved to Mc Kinsey
  • Marvin Becker (Master thesis 2018)
    MD simulations of surface processes
  • Tobias Dornheim (PhD 2018)
    Tobias Dornheim
    Path integral Monte Carlo of strongly correlated bosons and fermions. Classical MC simulations of trapped Yukawa clusters. Permutation blocking PIMC, ab initio simulations for the warm dense electron gas
    moved to CASUS, Helmholtz-Zentrum Rossendorf
  • Christopher Hinz (PhD student)
    Christopher Hinz
    Multiconfiguration Time-dependent Hartree-Fock calculations of many-electron atoms, Boltzmann equation, Qubus
  • Zhandos Moldabekov (PhD 2018)
    Effective potentials for ions in nonideal streaming quantum plasmas, quantum hydrodynamics,
    recipient of DAAD PhD stipend
    visiting 2014 and 2016-2018 from Alma Aty, Kazakhstan
  • Tim Schoof (PhD 2017)
    Tim Schoof
    Configuration path integral approach to strongly correlated fermions
    moved to DESY, Hamburg
  • Jan-Willem Abraham (PhD 2018)
    Jan-Willem Abraham
    Breathing mode of finite quantum systems in traps; Kinetic Monte Carlo and MD simulations of nanofilm formation in plasmas
  • Samat Amirov (Bachelor student from Alma Aty, Kazakhstan)
    dynamically screened potential in quantum plasma
  • Ayatola Gabdulin (master student from Alma Aty, Kazakhstan)
    MD simulations of strongly coupled plasmas
  • Sita Sundar (postdoc from India)
    3D PIC simulations of streaming dusty plasmas
  • Torben Ott (PhD 2012)
    Torben Ott
    Molecular dynamics simulation of anomalous transport in strongly correlated plasmas, magnetized plasmas,
    returned to Kiel from Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
  • Ingmar Schnell
    Ingmar Schnell
    Hydrodynamic modeling of strongy correlated dusty plasmas
  • Miriam Scharnke (formerly bachelor student)
    Nonequilibrium Green functions theory
    now PhD student at Imperial College
  • Sebastian Hermanns (PhD 2016)
    Sebastian Hermanns
    Nonequilibrium Green functions approach to finite systems
  • Sebastian Bauch (PhD 2012)
    Sebastian Bauch
    Coulomb scattering in strong laser fields, time-resolved photoionization of atoms and molecules, electronic correlations, Auger ionization of atoms, TD-RASCI simulations, PhD 2012, postdoc stay at Aarhus University
    moved to Heidelberger, Kiel
  • Hauke Thomsen (PhD 2015)
    Hauke Thomsen
    PhD thesis on Melting of strongly correlated Yukawa balls
    moved to Heidelberger, Kiel
  • Kenji Fujioka (PhD 2015)
    Kenji Fujioka
    Cluster formation in low-temperature plasmas
    formerly undergraduate student, DAAD RISE program 2007)
  • Connor Hann (Student, Duke University, DAAD-RISE summer internship 2015)
    Fermionic Path integral Monte Carlo simulations
  • Mawussey Segnon (Master thesis 2015)
    Laser ionization of atoms and molecules
    Now at Bremen university
  • Lasse Kragh Sørensen (postdoc, 2014)
    Lasse Kragh Sørensen
    Multiconfiguration Methods for many-electron atoms and molecules
    visiting from Aarhus University
  • Hendrik Larsson (Master thesis 2014)
    Multiconfiguration Methods for the ionization dynamics of two-atomic molecules
    back at Chemistry Department of CAU
  • Jan Vorberger (visiting scientist)
    Nonideal quantum Plasmas. Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory,
  • Shabbir Akhed Khan (visiting scientist)
    Quantum Plasmas. Hydrodynamic Theory,
    2014, visiting from Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Stefan Landmann (Student, Jena/Leipzig, summer internship 2014)
    Viscosity of strongly coupled plasmas
  • "Erwin" (Nuttawut Kongsuwan) (Student, Cambridge, UK, DAAD-RISE summer internship 2014)
    Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation of nanofilm formation in plasmas
  • Dyuti Bhattacharya (Doktorand)
    Path integral Monte Carlo simulations of strongly correlated fermions,
    2014, visiting from Kolkata, India
  • Lasse Rosenthal
    Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations for plasma-surface interaction, PhD, Sept 2013
    Nonequilibrium Green functions approach to mesoscopic electron-hole bilayers, Diplom 2009, visiting 2014
  • Christopher Arrand (Student, Cambridge, UK, DAAD-RISE summer internship 2013)
    Multiscale simulation of streaming complex plasmas
  • David Hochstuhl
    Nonequilibrium Green functions and Multiconfiguration time-dependent Hartree-Fock approaches to ionization processes in atoms, PhD 2013
    now with d-fine GmbH
  • Karsten Balzer (PhD 2011)
    Quantum kinetic approach to strongly correlated electrons and excitons in quantum dots; direct diagonalization of many-particle Schrödinger equation, Nonequilibrium Green functions, solution of Kadanoff-Baym equations,
    now research assistant at computing center (RZ) of CAU
  • Gidrius Kudelis (Student, Birminghan, UK, DAAD-RISE summer internship 2012)
    Theory of heat transport in dusty plasmas
  • Kay Kobusch
    Nonequilibrium Green functions calculation of pair correlations, Diplom 2011
  • Jens Böning (PhD 2011
    Mesoscopic superfluid and supersolid in quantum dots,
    moved to SAP
  • Alexi Reynolds (Student, Great Britain, DAAD-RISE summer internship 2011)
    Collective modes of magnetized strongly correlated plasmas
  • Megan Ryan (Student , DAAD-RISE summer internship 2010)
    Transport properties of a strongly correlated 2D plasma
  • Henning Bruhn (Diploma thesis 2010)
    Densitiy functional and liquid theory of strongly correlated spatially confined plasmas
  • Vladimir Filinov (Mercator guest professor, 1999/2000; visiting scientist, regular visits since 2000
    first-principle simulations of dense partially ionized astrophysical quantum plasmas and electron-hole plasmas in semiconductors (Direct Fermionic path integral Monte Carlo; Wigner function quantum Molecular Dynamics); plasma phase transition, Coulomb crystallization, Anderson localization
  • Henning Baumgartner
    Structure and melting of Coulomb crystals (Monte Carlo simulations), PhD 2009
    now Systems Engineer at Auronik GmbH Braunschweig,
  • Christian Henning
    Thermodynamic theory of strongly correlated complex plasmas, PhD 2009
    Now at Gymnasium Eckernförde
  • Gabriel Dominique-Marleau (Student, Canada, DAAD-RISE summer internship 2009),
    Spectral properties of magnetized dusty plasmas
  • Paul LaPlante (Student, USA, DAAD-RISE summer internship 2009),
    Molecular dynamics simulation of transport properties of Yukawa balls
  • Martin Heimsoth
    Generalized Hartree Fock methods for nonideal bosons, Diplom 2009
    now at Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Dylan Buehr (Student, Canada, DAAD-RISE summer internship 2008)
    MD simulation of dusty plasmas
  • Samual Ducatman (Student, USA, DAAD-RISE summer internship 2008)
    Simulation of normal modes in dusty plasmas
  • Evgeni Krasovski (2007/2008)
    Theory and simulation of femtosecond photoemission processes on surfaces
    now at Departamento de Fisica de Materiales, Universidad del Pais Vasco
  • Stansilav Smolyanski (Saratov State University, guest 2005/2007)
    Non-perturbative Greens functions approach to electron-hole plasmas in strong electromagnetic fields
  • Kevin Tierney (undergraduate student, DAAD Rise program 2007)
    Simulation of strongly correlated Yukawa plasmas
  • Andrea Fromm (Diplom verteidigt Dez. 2006)
    Nonequilibrium Green functions approach to strong field effects in semiconductors.
    moved to HSH Nordbank Kiel.
  • Hilko Cords (Diplomand)
    Wigner crystallization of indirect excitons (Path integral Monte Carlo),
    Diplom verteidigt in Rostock, Februar 2006
  • Volodymyr Golubnychiy: (PhD student 2000-2004, postdoc 2004-2006)
    classical and semiclassical molecular dynamics simulations for dusty plasmas, electrons in quantum dots, dense astrophysical plasmas.
  • Fanny Geisler (guest, 2005)
  • Wolf-Dietrich Kraeft (2005)
    Classical and quantum statistical theory of strongly correlated Coulomb systems; shell model of 3D Coulomb balls
  • Yong-Hong Ruan (postdoc, 2005)
    Polarons and bipolarons in semiconductors (Feynman variational approach)
  • Dirk Semkat (postdoc, 2004/2005)
    Nonequilibrium Greens functions theory, numerical solution of Keldysh/Kadanoff-Baym equations. Now at Rostock University.
  • Sylvio Kosse (postdoc, 2004)
    Theory of dusty plasmas, MD simulations.
    Now at Siemens AG, Erlangen.
  • Nai-Hang Kwong (postdoc, 1999)
    Nonequilibrium Greens functions approach to optically excited semiconductors, plasma oscillation of the correlated electron gas.
    Now at University of Arizona, Tucson.
  • Donald Scott (postdoc, 1997)
    Numerical solution of quantum kinetic equations (quantum Vlasov, Boltzmann and Lenard-Balescu equations)