Michael M. Bonitz, Dr. rer. nat. habil.


Dorfstr. 7a, 24229 Stohl





Date of birth:


Place of birth:

Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Russia



Family background:

married, 2 children


1967 - 1975

Elementary/Middle School in Dresden, Germany

1975 - 1979

High School for Mathematics/Physics, Dresden


Abitur with ``Excellence'' (1.0), Lessing Gold Medal


September 1979 - July 1981

Cybernetics at Ordshonikidze Institute, Moscow, Russia

September 1981 - February 1987

Physics at Lomonosov State University, Moscow

February 1987

Diploma (MS) ``with Excellence''

Masters Thesis:

Entropy in Selforganization Processes,

under Prof. Yuri L. Klimontovich

Scientific Curriculum

March 1987, Univ. Rostock

Research Assistent

March 1991, Univ. Rostock

PhD Physics (Dr. rer. nat.) with ``Excellence''


Entropy in Systems far from Equilibrium

and Reaction-Diffusion in Nonideal Plasmas,

under Prof. Dietrich Kremp

August 1992-November 1993, Univ. of Arizona

Postdoctoral Researcher

Optical Sciences Center

under S.W. Koch

1993-1995, Univ. Rostock

Research Assistent

September 1995-July 1996, Univ. of Arizona

Postdoctoral Researcher

Optical Sciences Center and Physics Department

with R. Binder and S.H. Köhler

July 1998, Univ. Rostock

Habilitation to Dr. rer. nat. habil.


Quantum Kinetic Equations for Ultrafast

Relaxation Processes. From Density Operators to

Kadanoff-Baym Equations

since April 2000, Univ. Rostock

Oberassistent (C2)

Senior research position

and Privatdozent

February-May 2003, Univ. of Florida

Visiting Associate Professor

Physics Department

Since October 2003, Chrstian-Albrechts-University Kiel

C4 Professor for Theoretical Physics

Chair Statistical Physics and Plasma Theory



January 2009, Univ. of Florida

August-September 2010, Kavli Institute of Theoretical Phyics,

University of California, Santa Barbara

Director at Institute for Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics


Visiting Associate Professor

Visiting Professor


Administrative Duties:






Head of Physics Department

(Vorsitzender d. Fakultätsausschusses Physik)

since 2008

Member of University Senate

since 2009

Director of Physics Library

since October 2010

Head of Institute for Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics (GvM)



in refereed journals:

ca. 225

in conference proceedings:

ca. 80

Invited talks

at international conferences:

ca. 40, including 5 plenary talks

Talks at scientific colloquia

ca. 15

Talks at scientific seminars:

ca. 130

Monographs, text books etc.:

1 Monograph, 2 Text books

7 Collections of articles (editor)

Research Grants:

20, award total: ca. 2.700.000 Euros


Fellow of the American Physical Society (2011)

Gustav-Hertz-Prize of the German Physical Society (2002)

(highest award for young physicists)

postdoctoral fellowship of the DAAD

(German Academic Exchange Service)

Optical Sciences Center University of Arizona (1992),

DAAD postdoctoral fellowship (new award)

Optical Sciences Center and Physics Dept.

University of Arizona (1995)

Journal Editor:

Contributions to Plasma Physics (since 2010)

Referee of professional journals:

Applied Surface Science,

Applied Physics Letters,

Contributions to Plasma Physics,

Chemical Physics Letters,

European Physical Journal B, D,

Europhysics Letters,

IEEE - Transactions on Plasma Science,

Journal of Applied Physics,

Journal of Physics A: Math. General,

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter,

Journal of Computational Electronics,

Nature Physics,

Nuclear physics,

Physics of Plasmas,

Physical Review Letters,

Physical Review A, B, D, E,

physica status solidi

Physica B, E

Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

Semiconductor Science and Technology

Service on scientific panels:

Referee for Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

Since 2010

Member of plasma physis board of German Physical Society

Member of proposal board for Nobel prize in Physics 2010

Referee for Austrian Science Foundation

Referee for Czech Science Foundation

Society affiliations:

Member of the American Physical Society,

Member of the German Physical Society


Member of Program Committees

+ Series Progress in Nonequilibrium Green's

of international conferences:

Functions (Chairman since 1999)

+ 2001 Advanced Research Workshop on

Quantum Transport in Semiconductors

+ 2003 International Conference on

Nonequilibrium Carriers in Semiconductors

+ Series Strongly Coupled Coulomb Systems:

Member of international advisory board and

program committee of 2008 conference

Organization of international

+ Kadanoff-Baym equations - Progress and

scientific conferences

perspectives for many-body physics

September 1999, Rostock, Germany

+ Computational Methods for Many-body

Phyics, March 2001, Rostock, Germany

+ Progress in Nonequilibrium Green's

Functions, August 2002, Dresden, Germany

+ Kinetic Theory of nonideal Plasmas,

September 2004, Kiel, Germany

+ Progress in Nonequilibrium Green's

Functions III, August 2005, Kiel, Germany

+ Complex Plasmas, Graduate Summer Institute,

August 2008, Hoboken, New Jersey

+ Progress in Nonequilibrium Green's

Functions IV, August 2009, Glasgow, Scotland

+ Complex Plasmas, 2nd Graduate Summer Institute,

August 2010, Greifswald, Germany

+ Complex Plasmas, 3rd Graduate Summer Institute,

August 2012, Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ

Fields of scientific interest

- Astrophysical plasmas. Equation of state

(in alphabetical order)

- Atoms in strong laser and x-ray fields

- Clusters

- Computational physics. Large-scale computing

- Computer simulations. Molecular Dynamics

- Dense plasmas. Laser plasmas

- Dusty plasmas

- Electron and exciton crystallization

- Electron-hole plasmas in semiconductors

- Laser plasmas

- Matter in strong electromagnetic fields

- Mesoscopic systems. Semiconductor nanostructures

- Nonequilibrium Green functions

- Nonlinear oscillations and waves

- Plasma oscillations, waves and instabilities

- Quantum kinetic theory, density operators

- Quantum Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics

- Quantum transport theory

- Selforganization, chaos, turbulence

- Strong correlations in Coulomb systems

- Superfluidity, Supersolid

- Ultrafast processes. Femtosecond laser excitation

- Wigner crystallization