"Dense quantum plasma simulation"

Mini-conference at the APS-DPP meeting Salt Lake City, November 14-18, 2011

Preliminary schedule (August 5):
Thursday Nov 17 a.m.: poster session, Thursday p.m.: first oral session, Friday Nov 18 a.m.: second oral session

The final program will be posted here shortly

Confirmed speakers and abstracts

  • Michael Bonitz, Kiel University, Germany, "Quantum kinetic theory for nonequilibrium electrons: from TDHF to Keldysh Green functions", abstract
  • Jean Clerouin, CEA, DAM, DIF, France, "Properties of hote dense plasmas by Orbital-Free Molecular Dynamics, abstract
  • Michael P. Desjarlais, Sandia NL, "Quantum Molecular Dynamics calculation of electrical and thermal transport properties", abstract
  • Chandre Dharma-wardana, NRC, Canada, "Strongly correlated quantum-plasma simulations via classical maps and density-functional theory - going beyond big codes", abstract
  • Joel D. Kress, Los Alamos National Laboratory, "Quantum Molecular dynamics, i.e. Molecular dynamics combined with density functional theory for electrons", abstract
  • Patrick Ludwig, Kiel University, Germany, "Dynamical screening approach to Strongly correlated Multi-Component Plasmas", abstract
  • Burkhard Militzer, University of California, Berkeley, "Path integral Monte Carlo and Density Functional Molecular Dynamics simulations of Warm Dense Matter", abstract
  • Michael Murillo (LANL), "Kinetic theory molecular dynamics for inertial confinement plasmas",
  • Haobin Wang, New Mexico State University, "The Multilayer Multiconfiguration Time-Dependent Hartree Theory", abstract
Additional 6 speakers have been named by the program committee based on submitted abstracts.
Also, there will be a poster session associated with the mini-conference (Thursday morning). Each speaker is allowed to submit one additional first author abstract to this APS meeting. Presenters are required by APS to pay the appropriate registration fee.

Abstract submission guidelines

Abstract deadline has passed.

Please send a pdf-copy of your abstract to one of the organizers. Available abstracts are posted in the list above. at this page.
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