Online workshop "Ab initio simulations of correlated fermions“

  • Kiel University, July 8-9 2020
  • organization: M. Bonitz (Kiel) and T. Dornheim (CASUS)
  • Each day we had about 60 participants from all over the world
  • Thanks for joining and for a stimulating scientific discussion
  • Speakers are asked to share their presentations, see links next to talks
  • Papers are invited to a special issue of Contributions to Plasma Physics, see below

Day 1: Quantum Monte Carlo and DFT

  • Matthew Foulkes (Imperial College, London): „Solving the Many-Electron Schrödinger Equation with Deep Neural Networks“, slides
  • Tobias Dornheim (CASUS, Görlitz): „Recent developments of PIMC for correlated electrons“, slides
  • Vladimir Filinov (IVTAN, Moscow): „Sign problems, the Pauli blocking in phase space and the Lefschetz thimbles“, slides
  • Paul Hamann (Kiel University): „Reconstruction of dynamic properties via QMC“, slides
  • Pavel Levashov (IVTAN, Moscow): „Entropy evaluation in atomistic simulations", slides
  • Burkhard Militzer (University of California Berkeley): „Path integral Monte Carlo simulations of real materials“
  • Fionn Malone (Lawrence Livermore National Lab): „Finite Temperature Auxiliary Field QMC“
  • Brenda Rubenstein (Brown University): „Finite Temperature AFQMC for Molecules and Solids“

Day 2: Nonequilibrium Green Functions

  • Gianluca Stefanucci (University of Rome Tor Vergata): „Fast Electron-boson simulations“
  • Jan-Philip Joost (Kiel University): „The G1-G2 scheme“, slides
  • Claudio Verdozzi (Lund University): „Manipulating skyrmions: The explicit role of the electrons“
  • Zhandos Moldabekov (Al Farabi University, Almaty): „Quantum Hydrodynamics for quantum plasmas“, slides
  • Simone Latini (Max Planck Institute for the Structure of Matter, Hamburg): „Ultrafast Laser-Assisted Stabilization of Ionized Adenine"

Special issue of Contributions to Plasma Physics "Simulation of correlated fermions and quantum plasmas"

  • Open to everybody. Submissions from workshop speakers are particularly welcome
  • Article types: original research papers, reviews, tutorials
  • Guest editors: T. Dornheim, H. Kählert, and P. Ludwig
  • Deadline: September 1
  • Open access: free of charge if corresponding author's institution is part of DEAL consortium (includes e.g. most German institutions)
  • Link for Authors