Research grants

The group of Prof. Michael Bonitz has received two grants for high performance computing time at the supercomputers of the HLRN Nordverbund. The total amount is 1250 kNPL corresponding to a value of 325,000 Euros.

Editors' Pick, Perspectives article

The article Quantum hydrodynamics for plasmas-quo vadis?, by M. Bonitz, Zh. Moldabekov, and T.S. Ramazanov, has been selected by the editors of Physics of Plasmas as "editors' pick" and is open access

Editors' Choice

The article Permutation Blocking Path Integral Monte Carlo Simulations of Degenerate Electrons at Finite Temperature, by T. Dornheim, S. Groth, and M. Bonitz, has been selected by Contributions to Plasma Physics for editors' choice and for the front cover of the journal

Scilight article

Hanno Kählert's article Dynamic structure factor of strongly coupled Yukawa plasmas with dissipation, Physics of Plasmas 26, 063703 (2019) has been picked by the editors for coverage by a Sclilight article
DOI: 10.1063/1.5099579 | local file | Scilight article

Ringvorlesung "Wissenschaft und alternative Fakten IV"

Programm im Sommersemester 2019 | Flyer | Pressemitteilung

March for Science Kiel

Kiel ist wieder dabei mit einer Diskussionsveranstaltung und Lightshow zum Thema "Der Klimawandel und die Wissenschaft", Freitag, 3. Mai, 20.30, Audimax der CAU

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Young researcher awards

March 2019: Simon Groth's PhD thesis has been selected as best plasma physics thesis in 2019. Simon participated in the PhD colloquium of the AMOP section of the German Physical Society in Rostock, March 2019
April 2019: Tobias Dornheim wins the Nanophysics PhD award of the Research Focus "Kiel Nano, Surface and Interface Science" (KiNSIS) and the Fakultätspreis of the Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät of CAU,
for his PhD thesis "The uniform electron gas at the warm dense matter conditions: A Permutation Blocking Path Integral Monte Carlo perspective".
The award will be presented at the Diels-Planck lecture, June 18
Fakultätspreisverleihung am 5.6. 2019, Foto: Jürgen Haacks

Festveranstaltung für Max Planck, 23.4. 2019

5 Jahre Max-Planck-Ausstellung in Kiel, Einweihung neuer Exponate
Kolloquiumsvortrag von Prof. Klaus von Klitzing ``Max Planck, seine Konstante und das neue Kilogramm''
abstract des Vortrags | Programm | Pressemitteilung

Workshop "Numerical solution of the Keldysh-Kadanoff-Baym equations"

the workshop was organized by Michael Bonitz, Jan-Philip Joost and Karsten Balzer and was held at the Physics Department of Kiel University
March 11-12 2019
Workshop flyer: for download
Link to the workshop page

Novel effect of plasma-surface interaction discovered

December 2018: A new mechanism of the interaction of ions with strongly correlated finite graphene-type fragments has been obtained: ions of certain energies create doublons in the target material. The results could allow to reversibly change the electronic properties of the material with potential applications for low-temperature plasmas. The results are published in:
Karsten Balzer, Maximilian Rodriguez Rasmussen, Niclas Schlünzen, Jan-Philip Joost, and Michael Bonitz,
Doublon formation by ions impacting a strongly correlated finite lattice system,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 267602 (2018) | arXiv:1801.05267 | local file | supplement
Pressemitteilung der CAU Kiel | Press Release of Kiel University

Breakthrough in warm dense matter research

December 2018: The first ab initio results for the dynamic structure factor of the finite temperature electron gas are obtained and confirm the existence of a negative plasmon dispersion at strong coupling. The results are published in:
Tobias Dornheim, Simon Groth, Jan Vorberger, and Michael Bonitz,
Ab Initio Path Integral Monte Carlo Results for the Dynamic Structure Factor of Correlated Electrons: From the Electron Liquid to Warm Dense Matter,
Physical Review Letters 121, 255001 (2018) | arXiv:1810.12776 | local file | supplement
Pressemitteilung der CAU Kiel | Press Release of Kiel University

Young researcher award

August 2018: Tobias Dornheim wins the U30 Doctoral Scientist Award of the Plasma Physics Division of the Asian-Pacific Physical Society,
"For the invention of the permutation blocking path integral Monte Carlo method for the ab initio simulation of the warm dense electron gas and constructing the key ingredient in warm dense matter physics".
The award is combined with a talk at the annual meeting of the society, November 12-16 in Kanazawa, Japan.

Conference "Progress in Nonequilibrium Greens Functions VII"

the conference is organized by Gianluca Stefanucci, Andrea Marini and Stefano Bellucci and held in Frascati, near Rome, Italy
August 27-31 2018
Link to the conference page
Link to the page of the 2015 conference
For earlier conferences and proceedings click here

New Review article

The paper The Uniform Electron Gas at Warm Dense Matter Conditions
by Tobias Dornheim, Simon Groth, and Michael Bonitz,
has been published in Physics Reports, vol. 744, pp. 1-86
Pressemitteilung | Press release | further information

PhD Thesis awards

April 2018: Simon Groth and Tobias Dornheim are awarded the degree Summa cum laude for their PhD theses.

Editors' Choice

The paper Ab initio results for the Static Structure Factor of the Warm Dense Electron Gas by Tobias Dornheim, Simon Groth, and Michael Bonitz, Contrib. Plasma Phys. 57, 468-478 (2017)
was highlighted by the Journal as Editors' Choice

Complete ab initio thermodynamic data for the warm dense electron gas obtained

Simon Groth, Tobias Dornheim, Travis Sjostrom, Fionn D. Malone, W.M.C. Foulkes and Michael Bonitz,
Ab initio Exchange-Correlation Free Energy of the Uniform Electron Gas at Warm Dense Matter Conditions,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 135001 (2017) | link | arXiv:1703.08074
Free energy parametrization
Pressemitteilung der CAU Kiel | Press Release of Kiel University | Press Release of Imperial College

Best Phd thesis award

Sebastian Hermanns
wins the award for the "Best Phd thesis" of the Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät of CAU (Fakultätspreis) in 2016 for his thesis Nonequilibrium Green functions. Selfenergy approximation techniques, advisor: M. Bonitz
press release of Kiel University of July 20 2017

Copyright: Claudia Eulitz

The International Conference "Strongly Coupled Coulomb Systems"

was held at Kiel University (Wissenschaftszentrum), July 30 - August 4 2017
organized by Michael Bonitz, Patrick Ludwig and Zhandos Moldabekov
First announcement
press release of Kiel University of July 31 2017 (in German)
Conference page and photos
previous conferences

Editors' Choice

The paper Nonequilibrium dynamics in the one-dimensional Fermi-Hubbard model: A comparison of the nonequilibrium Green functions approach and the density matrix renormalization group method by Niclas Schlünzen, Jan-Philip Joost, Fabian Heidrich-Meisner, and Michael Bonitz, Phys. Rev. B 95, 165139 (2017)
link | arXiv:1702.01956
was highlighted by the Journal as Editors' Choice

Young scientist award

Simon Groth
wins the Laser and Particle Beams Prize 2017 for young scientists for his contribution The Uniform Electron Gas at WDM conditions. The prize was awarded at the 37th International Workshop on High Energy Density Physics with Intense Ion and Laser Beams and is worth 2000 Euros.

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