Members of Section Theoretical Physics

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Secretary: Doris Schulz 4117247 doris.schulz@
Prof. Dr. Michael Bonitz 4122248 bonitz@ Bonitz Group
Prof. Dr. Stefan Heinze 4127242 heinze@ Heinze Group
Prof. Dr. Eckhard Pehlke 4112232 pehlke@ Pehlke Group
Dr. Paolo Ferriani, Wiss. Ass. 4097241 ferriani@ Heinze Group
Dr. Alexei Filinov, Wiss. Ass. 5113243 filinov@ Bonitz Group
Sysadmin: Dr. Patrick Ludwig 4066246 ludwig@ Bonitz Group
Retired Staff:
Namephonelocation E-Mail Group page
Prof. Dr. Friedrich Wagner (em.) 4111237 wagner@
Doz. Dr. Karin Dichtel (pens.) 1508 339 dichtel@
Prof. Dr. Dieter Grensing (pens.) 1508339 grensing@
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Grensing (pens.) 1508339 ggrensing@ Homepage
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Albrecht Huber (pens.) 1508339 huber@
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schattke (pens.) 1508339 schattke@ Schattke Group
Prof. Dr. H.-G. Schuster (pens.) schuster@ Schuster Group
Research Members:
Namephonelocation E-Mail Group page
Abraham, Jan Willem 4732343 abraham@  Bonitz Group
Bauch, Sebastian Dr. 4070341 bauch@ Bonitz Group
Behrend, Lars-Hannes 4129231 behrend@  Pehlke Group
Caffrey, Nuala Dr. 4096240 caffrey@  Heinze Group
Deuchler, Lukas 4113239 deuchler@  Heinze Group
Dornheim, Tobias 4120236 dornheim@  Heinze Group
Dupe, Bertrand Dr. 4096240 dupe@  Heinze Group
Fichtner, Simon 3899238 fichtner@  Heinze Group
Fujioka, Kenji 4732343 kenji@  Bonitz Group
Grotemeyer, Michael 1584330 grote@  Pehlke Group
Groth, Simon 4120236 groth@  Bonitz Group
Haaf, Jesse 4129231 haaf@  Pehlke Group
Hänel, Ralf 3899238 haenel@  Heinze Group
Hermanns, Sebastian 4071235 hermanns@  Bonitz Group
Hinz, Christopher 4070341 hinz@  Bonitz Group
Hoffmann, Markus 4113239 hoffmann@  Heinze Group
Holdt, Maximilian 4129231 holdt@  Pehlke Group
Husser, Henning 1584330 husser@  Pehlke Group
Joost, Jan-Philipp 4068329 joost@  Bonitz Group
Kählert, Hanno Dr. 4063245 kaehlert@  Bonitz Group
Lück, Jessica 4129231 luck@  Pehlke Group
Malottki, Stephan 3899238 malottki@  Heinze Group
Ott, Torben Dr. 4063245 ott@  Bonitz Group
Otte, Fabian 4113239 otte@ Heinze Group
Rosenthal, Lasse 4732343 rosenthal@  Bonitz Group
Schlünzen, Niklas 4071235 schluenzen@ Bonitz Group
Schoof, Tim 4120236 schoof@ Bonitz Group
Segnon, Mawussey 4068329 segnon@ Bonitz Group
Thomsen, Hauke 4068329 thomsen@ Bonitz Group

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